£1 eBay Final Value Fees (FVF) on up to 100 items 10th to 11th February – Selected Accounts.



It’s another one this weekend folks! Hopefully, this will work for people who missed out last weekend.

Once you’ve accepted the deal, remember to check ‘Promotional Offers’ under ‘All Selling’ on Sunday to verify that this is active before you start listing. Note that the offer will not appear in your Promotional Offers until it’s active, which is on Sunday.

> Only single item listings (not multiple quantity listings) will qualify.
> Remember to uncheck the box at the end for automatic relist, since that relist will not qualify for the offer.
> It can be used for Buy it Now or Auction style listings, as long as they start in the window of the offer period.
> You can schedule listings to start on Sunday or Monday, these will be eligible for the offer, but check your allowance for scheduling listings, there’s usually a charge for scheduling more than 20 in a month.
> It’s worth setting up the auctions in ‘drafts’ between now and the start day.

Many of you will get the Expired message.
This doesn’t mean that the deal has expired, this just means the offer is either
(a) not active on your account yet, or
(b) you’re not eligible for this offer.
I recommend that you keep trying between now and Sunday. This offer seems to become active for different accounts at different times.

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