How to get Audible audio books far cheaper than Audible price by buying Kindle book @ Amazon (see post for details)



As an example, the standard price on Audible for the Tattooist of Auschwitz audio book is £34.99 (I realise that subscribers can get one book per month at a reduced price). Using my method the cost is only £6.81

For many books, once you have bought the Kindle book you can often add the audio book at a heavily discounted price, which can be far cheaper than just buying the audio book, and so even if you don’t have a kindle can be worth buying. If you haven’t bought it yet you can usually tick a box to add the audio book at the same time.

Going back to my example, the kindle book is currently £3.32 and when you buy it (or after) you can get the Audio book from Amazon for £3.49. You can then listen to this via Audible as it’s all the same Group of companies.

Another example from the current bestseller list is The Beekeepers Promise, which is £16.09 on Audible. The Kindle book is £1 and you can then add the Audible audio book for £3.49, a total cost of just £4.49.

This doesn’t work with every title but works with most and you can usually tick to add the audio book at the time you purchase so you don’t have to buy the book and then hope the audio book is cheap later.

I realise that many people will know this already but I thought if you didn’t have a kindle but did listen to Audiobooks you might not know this trick.

Hope this helps somebody!

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