How to get cheap Audible for £3.99 (new and old customers)


Audible UK

Oke, so i wanted to share this with people who might not know this. Just to make it easier I’ve added the steps.

1.Cancel active audible subscription (if you have one)
2. Logout of audible account (important)
3. Click GET DEAL to go through to the offer page
4. Sign up to the discounted 3 months (sign in to your normal audible account)
5. Once 3 months is up repeat above steps (to continue to get discount for as long as it works)

So for anyone who doesn’t know everybody can get the audible 3.99 per month though it does state that this is for the first 3 months only. However, it does not state you need to be a new customer for this deal, but you can’t be a member at the time of using the link so need to cancel first also logout of audible before clicking the link. Therefore you can cancel after 3 months and sign up again with the same link and i can confirm i have used this method to pay only 3.99 per month for the last 2 years.

So get the discounted membership for 3.99 for 3 months than cancel after 3 months and get it again.

*sebrichter surgested if doesn’t work logout of audible account than when you click the link.

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