NHS prescription charges usually increase in April. Buy an instant digital £10.40 pm prepayment certificate to save potentially £100s



A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) lets you get as many NHS prescriptions as you need for a set price.

If you regularly pay prescription charges, a PPC could save you money.

The prescription charge in England is £8.80 per item.

A PPC costs:

  • £29.10 for 3 months
  • £104 for 12 months
  • £10.40 per month by direct debit for 10 months

The quickest way to buy a PPC is to buy it online – emailed out to you as a digital certificate available to use immediately.

If you need:

  • two items each month – you can save more than £100 with a 12-month PPC
  • three items each month – you can save £212 with a 12-month PPC
  • four items each month – you can save £318 with a 12-month PPC

Price is fixed for the year – so you miss out on the usual annual prescription charge increase each April.

Free prescriptions available to those:

Under 16
Aged 16-18 and in full time education
Aged 60 or over

and also as shown here:


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