Nintendo Switch Online 12 Month (365 Day) Membership Digital Code £15.85 @ Shopto (3 Months £5.86)



Cheapest around right now. Closest is £16.06 at InstantGaming

Better pricing available if :

  • You’re a Silver (£15.38)
  • Gold member (£15.06)

3 Months is also £5.86 – Here

Or if you are after the family membership then this one could be the thing for you – thanks to @thewrecker7477

Digital code allocated instantly after the purchase


Membership for a single 365-day account.

Online game: Team up with your friends and compete against rivals around the world on Nintendo Switch titles that support this feature, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2.

Nintendo Entertainment System – Access Nintendo Switch Online anytime, anywhere for a growing selection of NES classics and take advantage of the newly added online features!

Storage Data Cloud: This feature automatically and securely stores your game data online. This will help you to easily recover your game data if you lose your Nintendo Switch console or eventually use another console. Note: This feature is not supported by any software.

Smartphone App: Use the Nintendo Switch Online Smartphone app to communicate with your friends through voice chat and enjoy special features for compatible Nintendo Switch titles. This service can only be used by users who are at least 13 years old and have a Nintendo account.

Hope it helps someone.

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